Just in Time Services

A range of complimentary just in time services to extend your business capabilities, ready when you need them and pay only for what you need.


Saving time by delivering services when you need them


Our JIT services complement your existing team, suppliers and third parties. Solving the common requests we see and providing access to our highly qualified team of technologists to help you achieve your aims.

IT Governance Process

Providing tailored IT governance deliverables to enhance your current technology operating practices. A wide range of deliverables – fixed prices.

Supplier Selection

We provide two types of service: General advice/guidance and tools to select the right supplier. Personalised service to help identify, select, interview and onboard.

Employee Interview

Either joining your new employee interviews to ask relevant technical questions, or supplying online technical assessments for major technologies.


Tailored digitally delivered cyber & GDPR training, easily digestible courses, confirmation of understanding and a platform to track and manage completion.

Custom Projects

Whatever CTO support you need, from strategic planning through to performance management we can supplement your team with our Technologists.

Insurance Checks

Ensuring you meet all conditions of your business insurance is critical to prevent a claim being rejected. 50% of business claims are challenged. READ MORE


Reasons why now

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Reviews From Our Past Work

Always felt listened to, advice was practical and based on our budgets.

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How can we help make technology work for you?

Be better equipped with YourDigitalCTO by your side, there when you need us.