Digital Governance Service

Minimum effort to keep your client promises of data protection, service availability, supplier management and service resilience. Easy application of your shared responsibilities (Xero, QuickBooks, Sage etc). Cyber Essentials certification included too.

The challenge

Shared responsibilities of cloud based accounting pose a risk to your business.

Cloud shared responsibilities.

The cloud provider will define clearly what they will provide as part of the service. Often areas such as security, backups & data compliance are the responsibility of the purchaser. If you licence on your clients behalf then the responsibility falls to you.

Mitigate these example risks


You will have access to one or more clients cloud accounts services, typically this is an advisor level which has elevated permissions. Your one login will typically access many client accounts (including your own), the provider will put layer of protection but these alone aren’t sufficient to assure the protection of your account. What if your account is breached? Our service identifies & reduces risks immediately and into the future.


You will rely on the cloud provider to ensure that the system is always available and the data is maintained. The cloud provider typically assures this at service level i.e. for all accounts and not on an individual level. What if you or your client inadvertently deletes data? What if a rogue employee deletes data? What if you want to recover to a specific date? Guess what – you can’t. Our service assesses all recovery risks & supports risk closure.

Data Protection

The storage, storing or processing of data places a legal responsibility (GDPR) on your business as you are now a data controller. If you process payroll the risk category of that data increases significantly. Saving reports from cloud solutions, emailing to clients and/or storing on devices/network drives or cloud storage provides an opportunity for a data leak. Our service ensures you identify, close and monitor gaps with ease.



Records exposed by
data breaches in Q42023
GDPR violation fine for
Tuckers Solicitors LLP


Free Assessment

Free Assessment

Question – does the scope of their service & contract cover all of these risk areas, are they responsible with ensuring you mitigate these risks and proactively advise, guide and monitor for new risks? Typically their scope is limited to your website, devices, printers, office networks etc and they don’t cover cloud software, GDPR compliance, resilience planning, supporting your continual service delivery.

Answer – This is our core, we specialise in supporting accounting firms such as yourself. Our service is friction-less, high value, involves minimum team distractions and we bet that it costs less than going it alone or asking your IT Supplier. Why not contact us today, for a free and confidential assessment of key risks facing your business – awareness is the start.

Case Study – XERO

Undoubtedly XERO have streamlined the accounting software market, they enable accountants to standardise the service offered to clients, enhance services (such as MTD) and reduce the time (and therefore cost) to service clients.

Some service benefits

Cloud software backup

We take the hassle out of backing up your and your clients cloud data. One time setup, held securely for when you need it.


Tailored for accountants – policies and procedures specific for your organisation, team training & awareness.

Cyber Essentials Certification

Protecting your practice from the majority of cyber attacks (as recognised by the NCSC), together we close gaps then we certify you.

Employee Training

Included in our service is training & testing materials to ensure your team are trained for the latest Cyber threats & data protection.

Meet, Email or Call

Get Started Today

Get Started Today

Our clients typically spend less than 3 hours per employee closing the majority of digital risks we identify, the majority spent in training.

Platform at your fingertips

As part of our service we provide you with a digital governance platform, this is your organisations hub to manage your IT governance. It is crammed with useful guides, policies and procedure templates. Even better the templates will be pre-populated with relevance to your organisation; for example your suppliers, your software and the specific data you process. This enables you to demonstrate compliance to GDPR practices, Cyber best practices and industry leading IT governance practices.

Embracing the Digital Era: Challenges Faced by UK Accountants


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