Technology Process Pack

Our platform provides templates, tools and guides to complete a full set of Technology Processes for your business – let us complete those for you.


Rapid, precise and tailored processes & tools for your business

Why processes matter.

Defined, communicated and understood processed enable your team, suppliers and clients to understand how you approach technology. Well defined processed that are practical and not cumbersome ensure standardisation, reduce risks and demonstrates to your clients your professionalism

Your clients care

Your clients entrust you with their business, they expect you to take care of their data, act diligently and maintain a minimum legal standard. Our processes enable you to understand how you comply (or don’t), get you compliant and demonstrate this easily to your clients. Can you afford reputational risk?

Your budget cares

Have you considered why you spend money on technology, suppliers or processes. Because it works? That isn’t doing your budget justice. Are you getting what you pay for, could you pay less or stop that spend? Better oversite and management with minimum effort. Can your business afford to waste budget?

Your insurer cares

Insurance plays an important part in risk management, often the terms and conditions we blindly agree to contain clauses. These expect certain processes to be in place or to act with due care. Without those being demostrated your insurance might not pay out – can you risk the consequences to your business?


Client results

Completed operations programs
Realized return on fees

Core Elements

This section is our core set of processes, tools and templates – they are included in all of our packages (either completed by us or ready for you to finalise). These cover the majority of the critical IT Governance items most businesses don’t have but would be worth having (even if they have nothing else!).

Information Security Policy

Supplier Onboarding Questionnaire

Roles and Responsibilities Matrix

Data Subject Access Request policy

Incident Management Policy & Procedure

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Risk Assessment Methodology

Access Control Policy

Key management policy

Supplier security policy

Statutory, regulatory, and contractual requirements

Incident Response Plan

Additional Elements

We provide a wide range of tools, templates and processes that cover the other areas that might be relevant to your business. Don’t worry we will guide you as to which we believe are important as part of our Plan of Opportunities and the reasons why from your scorecard. Not all of these will be relevant to every business based on your risk, aspirations and availability, depending on your package you can self complete or we can complete with you.

ISMS Scope

Access Review Policy

Cloud Baseline Configuration

Cloud System Hardening

Application System Hardening

Backup Policy

Patch Management

IT Monitoring

Cloud Roles and Responsibilities

Vendor Roles and Responsibilities

Email Security

Document Management Policy

Data Breach Policy

Encryption and Cryptograhpy Policy

Mobile Device Policy

Device policy

And many more

Over 100+ tools / templates designed to help you manage technology in your business. All supported by us, don’t create more than you need, ensure every element counts for your business.

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