Cyber Essentials Plus

Demonstrate easily to your customers that you mitigate 80% of the most common Cyber threats. Third Party Audited. UK Government recognised, free Cyber Insurance, low cost

How can it help me

Demonstrates commitment to cyber security – audited

Audited Cyber Essentials

Simply put Cyber Essentials Plus is the same as Cyber Essentials however we will perform a technical audit to validate your answers. The audit centers around the 5 core cyber controls.

Key Benefits

Four common benefits:
1. Preventing common cyber attacks – keep promises to your clients
2. Win new business – Competitive advantage, required for some contracts
3.Keep existing business – Demonstrating you keep their information safe
4. Recruit & retain the best talent – demonstrating professionalism.

Lowest Effort

YourDigitalCTO minimises the effort you need to achieve certification in a number of ways:
1. Plain English, No Jargon, Non Technical questions – distilled from the large list
2. At a time to suit you – complete when you have time, video call support
3. Simple, easily implementable and often free solutions to resolve any gaps.

Five core controls

The audit areas of Cyber Essentials Plus includes the following verifications:
1. Firewall best practices applied
2. Software is licensed and patched
3. Viruses & Malware software – updated, running and best practices applied
4. Access – minimum access, best practice
5. Devices – updated, configured against best practice.

National Cyber Security Centre

Be confident

certified organisations are confident they are protected against common, Internet-based cyber attack
FREE Cyber Insurance
(UK only, under £20m turnover)

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He is highly knowledgeable and takes the time when necessary to explain things in layman’s terms so I actually understand what he means.

Stephen Taylor-brown

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Cyber Essentials Plus?

Audited, guided and the least effort to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus first time – Our Guarantee.