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A cross border compliance business, helps customers of all sizes with their cross border compliance – covering 40+ jurisdictions.

TaxDesk introduce themselves and explain a little about how they have worked with YourDigital CTO.

TaxDesk team explain how they were able to secure contracts by working with YourDigitalCTO.

TaxDesk team describe some of the challenges they face in relation to cyber security and data protection.

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TaxDesk deployed the YourDigitalCTO white labelled compliance portal to their team – providing a centralised incident management, education and policy store. The portal tracks employee engagement to ensure TaxDesk can demonstrate active compliance to their clients.

TaxDesk team share a few kind words about what it was like to work with YourDigitalCTO.

TaxDesk used YourDigitalCTO’s base policies, procedures and portal to jump start their ISO 27001 journey. We provided a white glove service to support TaxDesk in ensuring compliance to achieve ISO27001 in the shortest possible timeframe.

TaxDesk have developed a bespoke Portal which their clients use to interact with their business. As part of their security approach they required YourDigitalCTO to undertake penetration testing on their behalf.


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We help businesses of all shapes and sizes achieve the most from their technology and suppliers. We work in partnership with you, your team and existing suppliers to put a simple framework in place that can jump start your compliance in a matter of hours. Whatever your ambition we can help you achieve it. Whether its winning more work from clients demanding ISO27001 equivalency, ensuring your suppliers are fit for purpose (and you aren’t paying more than you should) through to preparing to use technology for drive change in your organisation – we can help.
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