Business Insurance Checker

Small print in your business cyber, professional indemnity or other insurance might prevent a claim being paid when your business needs it most.

We review your policy for IT related conditions

We ask plain English questions to clarify if you are covered

We explain any gaps and how to close. Follow our simple steps or update your insurer.

YourDigitalCTO Business Insurance Check Service

Common Insurance Clauses

Limitations on Client Industries

It is common for insurance to limit the scope of any risk, this can include limiting any industries you might work in, the type of work or the clients you support.

Device security controls

Laptops, Mobiles and other devices will often be expected to maintained with industry best practices applied. Often not limited to patching, firewalls and anti-virus technology.

Training requirements

Your insurer will expect that you and your team are qualified to perform your everyday function. Did you know they will often expect your team is trained in GDPR, Cyber protection etc?

Use of third parties

Insurance companies like to ensure certain high risk tasks are performed by specialists. This can include what you should do in certain events and the use of nominated 3rd parties.

Why it matters to act now.

Insurance companies dispute 50% of all large claims from businesses.

They do this for two reasons:

  1. breach of policy conditions (which you never read or remembered)
  2. inadequate information disclosure (which you didn’t think  important at the time)
Business Insurance Bureau

Conveyancing giant Simplify suffered a major systems outage caused by an IT breach. Newly published accounts show that the near £7 million cost was able to be reclaimed from their cyber insurance policy.

The group fully complied with all relevant obligations required by the Information Commissioner’s Office to ensure that any data or information loss resulting from the attack was appropriately handled.

Law Society

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Who are we?

We are a UK based IT governance specialist who help businesses to ensure technology works for the business and not the other way around.

Our vast experience of multiple industries and businesses of all sizes, puts us in an enviable position to be able to help you make easy sense of any insurance conditions placed on your business.

Confidentiality assured
We only ask for your insurance documents, which are securely held on our UK servers.

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