IT Governance Scorecard​

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IT Governance Scorecard

We present two views of the scorecard, first is a comparable model of similar best practice businesses IT Governance levels. Second is based on your aspirations, not every business wants or needs a full IT Governance model.

The Basics

Our tailored target models cover our experience based on what would be deemed an industry best practice across the core IT Governance areas. A simple score card of your business and the proposed comparable model.

The Specialisations

Every business and every leader is different, our specialisation models enhance the basics for certain industries, aspirations and risks. These ensure you can focus on specific IT Governance areas relevant to you/your organisation.

The Aspirational

Comparing your business to where you want it to be or it could be is the aspirational. A core benefit of our service is that we present opportunities to utilise technology more efficiently to help your business reach aspirational goals.



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Specialised Scorecard Points

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