Understand, mitigate and control cyber risks to your business


Chance of dangerous actors getting access to your digital systems

You are at risk if your businesses uses:
– any device (laptop, mobile phone, tablet),
– any digital means of communicating (email, social media, WhatsApp etc),
– any software (cloud/online, local or other)

We support businesses to identify, mitigate and manage cyber risks, which in turn helps them avoid some of the following examples:

Reputational Damage:
Your clients trust you with their data, losing that trust can mean not only losing existing clients but future ones too.

Lost Competitive Advantage:
Your business operations reflect your experience in your industry and can provide an edge over competitors, whether intellectual property (bespoke software systems) or customer lists. Don’t lose the edge.

Financial Claims For Loss:
If you neglect the information you hold you are liable to claims for negligence from your clients, suppliers and employees. These can be wide ranging, costly and divert resources from your core business.

Financial Loss:
Hitting your business instantly, paying a fraudulent invoice, draining the business bank account and impersonation fraud. With little recourse to recoup losses these can spell the end of a businesses viability.

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Cyber Risk Assessment

Your Business

Guided Q&A at times & speed to suit you. Provides us with a deep understanding of your current business, its operations, dependencies and scope. Jargon free, easily digested and effortless onboarding.

Gap Analysis

We compare your business operations to those of our industry best practices unique models. This generate a list of potential Cyber Risks that are graded based on how far from optimal your business operations are today.

Cyber Risk Review

Our experienced cross technology team reviews your identified risks and raises additional questions & clarifications. This adjusts the risks identified, the impact ratings and current mitigation’s to be unique to your business.

Risk Mitigation Planning

We provide a simple, actionable and practical list of identified Cyber Risks specific to your business. Listed in suggested priority sequence of mitigation. Each action is supported by tools & guides for easy implementation.

Just in Time Services

Where you don’t have existing expertise or suppliers we can support in the delivery of identified actions. For example: website vulnerability scans, penetration testing, compliant GDPR & Guaranteed Cyber Essentials and more.

UK Based Human Contact

We pride ourselves on our work and stand behind every service. Our Ask-a-CTO service allows you to ask questions relating to your Cyber Risk Assessment or any other IT question – answered by our UK technology specialists.

NCSC Approach to Cyber Risk

UK National Cyber Security Centre

We adhere to the UK NCSC guidance and approach to Cyber Risk management. This provides a comprehensive, best practice approach to IT compliance and security.

NCSC Components of Cyber Risk
Threats and Hazards
Components of Threat
Security Controls
Business Impact
Risk Appetite
Risk Assessment
Reviews From Our Past Work

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