Understand, mitigate and control people risks to your technology


Protecting your technology from people risks

Every business is dependent on people, whether employees, management, suppliers or customers. Each of these groups can pose a different technology challenge and risk to your business. Understanding the needs of the people who interact with your business and the risks they pose can help reduce key dependencies and risks they cause.

Impacts of not managing a person risk can include:

Inability to operate:
You have 1 person who performs a key task, they are suddenly unavailable for an extended period causing operations to cease and financial impact.

Insider incompetence:
Your newly hired employee accidentally deletes all files from a critical shared folder, with no option of recovery. Depending on the files this can be terminal for a business.

Insider fraud/malicious activity:
A disgruntled employee decides to abuse their position to steal financially from the business or cause disruption by maliciously updating client sales records. These can go unknown for a long period and cause long lasting damage to a business.

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People Risk Assessment

Your Business

Guided Q&A at times & speed to suit you. Provides us with a deep understanding of your current business organisation, current methods of access & auditing. Jargon free, easily digested and effortless on-boarding.

Gap Analysis

We compare your people practices to those of our model industry best practices. This generate a list of potential People Risks that are graded based on how far from optimal your business people practices are today.

People Risk Review

Our experienced cross technology team reviews your identified people risks and raises additional clarifications. This adjusts the risks identified, the impact ratings and current mitigation’s to be unique to your business.

Risk Mitigation Planning

We provide a simple, actionable and practical list of identified People Risks specific to your business. Listed in suggested priority sequence of mitigation. Each action is supported by tools & guides for easy implementation.

Just in Time Services

Where you don’t have existing expertise or suppliers we can support in the delivery of identified actions. For example: technology supplier selection, technical employee interviews, backup solutions and more.

UK Based Human Contact

We pride ourselves on our work and stand behind every service. Our Ask-a-CTO service allows you to ask questions relating to your People Risk Assessment or any other IT question – answered by our UK technology specialists.

Pillars of People Risk

Five pillars of people risk assessment

We follow an industry best practice approach to identifying and mitigating business people risks – backed by our years of experience in leading.

5 pillars of people risk assessment
Health & Safety
Governance & Financial
Talent Practices
Environmental and Social
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We help company leaders make sense of people risks to their business. Simple, actionable.