Ryan Bishop

Ryan is a founding member of our chief technology officer team, he has over 25 years of industry experience & real world practical knowledge.


Chartered IT Professional

Ryan is a fully qualified CITP.

What is CITP

Chartered IT Professional is the independent standard of competence and professionalism in the technology industry, it is a demonstration of being a highly-skilled IT professional with a place on the public CITP register

Startup Businesses

Ryan has advised, been involved and supported multiple startup businesses. With their unique challenges, finding practical low cost but high value solutions can greatly impact success. Executing from tactical to strategic technology goals.

Scale-up Business

With a proven market fit and a focus on growth, Ryan has ensured businesses understand the technology transition required. This includes maturity of technology landscape, certification and digital governance across the business.

Established Business

Ensuring technology is used wisely to deliver existing business promises whilst being ready to support future growth and/or research and development. Ryan has worked with some of the largest companies transforming their businesses.

Ryan Bishop CITP has worked in the Information Technology industry for 25 years, with experience in many industries including aerospace, pharmaceutical, finance, banking, retail, hospitality, FMCG and central Government.

His experience includes solutions architecture, enterprise architecture consultancy, CTO-as-a-service and named CTO. He has developed a wide range of off-shore, near-shore and on-shore operating models for organisations as well as consulting on wider digital governance.

Speaking Danish as a second language, he is able to bridge the language gap between technical and non-technical resources (c-suite level down). He has a solid financial background in relation to resource management and project fiduciary oversight.

Apart from being in our CTO-as-a-Service team, Ryan is responsible for our technology and platform builds, as well as our commercial operations.

Ryan can be contacted via our support team here

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Client testimonial

..deep technical skills combined with his huge insight in business possibilities, has led to many valuable outcomes, both in business process optimization and architecture modernization..

Lasse, Carlsberg

Client testimonial

He is highly knowledgeable and takes the time when necessary to explain things in layman’s terms so I actually understand what he means.


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